Web Sling

Web Sling

Looking For a Web Sling? We’ve Got it at Yellow Lifting:

See our complete inventory of quality products to find the perfect web sling for your application. We offer two options: nylon lifting slings and polyester lifting slings; each offer their own advantages. We consider these the mainstay of the lifting industry, and as such web slings are virtually indispensable to have in your toolbox. Consider just a few of the advantages of using a web sling versus another option for lifting:

Due to the versatile nature of the web sling, they can be used for a wide range of applications in lifting. Your recreational vehicle’s tool space would simply not be complete without several of these available. Our nylon web slings are exceptionally lightweight and flexible, making them the ideal choice for securing and protecting a load. The flexible nature of the nylon web sling means less likelihood of shock during loading and transport.

Not only can web slings be custom manufactured to your specific requirements, at Yellow Lifting, we carry an enormous selection of sizes and lengths to ensure we have what you need in stock and ready to ship out to you. If you need assistance placing an order for a web sling, simply give one of our specialists a call at 866-766-1579 and we’ll be happy to listen to your needs and direct you to the right product.

Aside from the obvious reasons why a web sling is often the best tool for the job, nylon and polyester web slings offer additional advantages over other products for the following reasons: they’re easy to work with, provide optimum lifting strength, are highly durable, have reflective capability, offer UV protection, often come coated or treated, are flexible, and can be selected for light or heavy duty applications. If you’re not sure whether a web sling is the right tool for your project, feel free to reach out to our team and we’ll be glad to answer any questions you have.

More and more companies are making the switch from steel slings to synthetic slings and are seeing a positive impact in their bottom line. The fact is, depending on the job at hand, a synthetic web sling can often do the job of its steel counterpart with the same reliable results. Personal injuries on the job are reduced by switching over to synthetic web slings as well. You’ll notice less opportunity for pinched fingers and back injuries.

We invite you to browse our web sling inventory online by visiting us at YellowLifting.com. Type ‘web sling’ into the search bar to get started or select ‘Categories’, ‘Web Lifting Slings’ from the menu. We offer free shipping within the lower 48 US states on all orders over $50. Shop with us and see why we are known as a reputable supplier of lifting tools and accessories. You can learn more about our company by visiting our ‘About Us’ section online.


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Web Sling